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Bill Murray

In the morning mice scamperover the headover the floor of the headshreds of conversationsscraps of a poemthe room’s museentersin a blue apronsweepssuch important guestsvisit my masterwell Heraclitus the Ephesian for exampleor the prophet Isaiahtoday no one ringsthe master paces about impatientlytalks to himselftears up innocent papersin the evening goes out in an unknown directionthe muse unties her blue apronrests her elbows on the window sillleans outwaitsfor her sergeantwith the red mustaches—Zbigniew Herbert, “Ordinariness of the Soul”Photography Credit Kanoa Zimmerman


In the morning mice scamper
over the head
over the floor of the head
shreds of conversations
scraps of a poem
the room’s muse
in a blue apron

such important guests
visit my master
well Heraclitus the Ephesian for example
or the prophet Isaiah

today no one rings

the master paces about impatiently
talks to himself
tears up innocent papers

in the evening goes out in an unknown direction

the muse unties her blue apron
rests her elbows on the window sill
leans out
for her sergeant
with the red mustaches

Zbigniew Herbert, “Ordinariness of the Soul”
Photography Credit Kanoa Zimmerman


President Barack Obama Riding a Killer Lion by Artist Jason Heuser

President Barack Obama rides his faithful / vicious lion while showing off his Star Wars Jedi and archery crossbow skills in artist Jason Heuser’s killer new Presidential illustration. 11” x 17” and 24” x 36” prints of his original and variant designs are available to purchase at Jason’s epic art store on Etsy.

I really love the Rampaged Reality love on the stock of his crossbow. The RR logo adds a menacing 1,000 x Damage!

Obama Riding a Lion / Variant by Jason Heuser (Etsy) (CGHUB) (Twitter)